Medical Recommender System

After many months of hard work and thanks to our intensely programming students a new medical recommender system could have been developed in cooperation with FITM at Prachinburi Campus of King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok (Thailand) for use in healthcare to support the interactive diagnostics of diseases.

It bases on natural language processing of all kind of special medical textual information. The new system can process much more information then anybody can read in the limited, available time and it also can be adapted by each physician depending on its own experience.

First trained with various descriptions of about 250 different, common diseases, the results looks promising...

TMRS Screenshot Screenshot: Chair Communication Network
TMRS Screenshot
TMRS Screenshot Dengue Fever Screenshot: Chair Communication Network
TMRS Screenshot Dengue Fever


We have to say 'Thank you' to my colleagues and friends Mario Kubek, Anirach Mingkhwan and Phayung Meesad for the great time working with me and my team on this challenging new, interdisciplinary system, their passion and discussions. This was really an outstanding scientific experience.

TMRS Team Photo: Chair Communication Network
from right: Prof. Herwig Unger, Prof. Anirach Mingkhwan, four Students
Photo: Chair Communication Network
Jutta Düring | 12.08.2021