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New Media Art

Overall Goal of this Field of Research

New Media Art spans a wide range of different art forms. In a broad sense it designates art produced by means of a computer. In a more concrete sense it means art forms that are made at all possible by digital techniques in the first place, such as interactions with autonomous, artificial systems, virtual reality applications, or the utilization of now available, massive amounts of data for artistic purposes.

Our Expertise

In this field of interest we are active in three different directions. First, we inspire and provide techniques for artistic expression, for example, with the aid of computer vision methods. In this sense, the other core areas of research provide tool boxes for the creation of art works. Second, we are engaged in gaining insights from the arts, design theory, or aesthetics for fostering a better design of interfaces of interactive systems. This is reflected in considerations of theoretical aspects and their implications for interface design, as well as analytical examinations of existing works. And third, we also create originary art, mostly in the field of photography. Artistic topics are situated around irritation and alienation of reality, as well as human isolation in urban environments.

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