Foto: Jakob Studnar

We are currently building up a comprehensive teaching program in International Economics. The Bachelor´s course “Basics of International Trade” ("Grundlagen der Internationalen Wirtschaftsbeziehungen“) gives an overview of the most common models in International Trade. The master´s course "International Trade and Economic Development" covers topics related to the interaction between developed and developing countries. In addition, we regularly organize seminar courses on recent topics in international economics. Moreover, the chair also offers a course in “Applied Econometrics”. Students learn some basic econometric methods and how to apply them to various problems in Economics. Empirical exercises are demonstrated using the software STATA.

Interested students have the opportunity to write their bachelor´s or master´s thesis at our chair.

Possible topics include:

  • Offshoring and outsourcing
  • Trade policy and free trade agreements
  • Trade and finance
  • Potential labor market effects of globalization
  • Exchange rates and currency crises
  • International migration
  • Trade and development
  • East Asian economies, with a particular focus on China

The specific topic can be adjusted to individual preferences and interests upon discussion with the supervisor and his/her approval.

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