Research Clusters

Philosophical research at the Institute of Philosophy of the FernUniversität

Philosophical research in Hagen examines a wide range of classical as well as contemporary topics in systematic and historical terms. In addition to publications by the teaching staff and the doctoral/habilitation publications produced at the Institute, the Institute is involved in the organization of larger and smaller conferences, periodicals, in the participation in the publication of academic journals as well as collaboration in research networks and topic-related international cooperations.

The institute’s research interests cover a broad spectrum that includes ancient and early modern philosophy, epistemology, ontology and metaphysics, the philosophy of law and economics, integrative bioethics and German idealism, phenomenology and social philosophy, political philosophy and philosophy of technology, and medical ethics. Specific current projects, results, and publications are presented on the pages of the individual departments.

Institue of Philosophy | 10.05.2024