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Welcome to the website of the Hagen Institute of Philosophy

Staff of Institute Photo: FernUniversität in Hagen

The Institute of Philosophy consists of the following departments: Philosophy I, Philosophy with an emphasis on Theoretical Philosophy (Prof. Dr. H. Busche), Philosophy II, Practical Philosophy – Ethics, Law, Economics (Prof. Dr. Th. S. Hoffmann), Philosophy III, Practical Philosophy – Technology, History, Society (Prof. Dr. Th. Bedorf), and Philosophy IV, Philosophy of Medicine and Technology (Prof. Dr. Dr. O. Friedrich).

The Institute of Philosophy offers seminars in the FernUniversität’s Bachelor programs “Humanities” and “Political Science, Administration, and Sociology” and also the Master’s program “Philosophy – Philosophy in the European Context.” The institute offers more than 50 on-campus and online seminars every year. In addition, there is also a continuing education program on medical ethics.

The Institute is currently headed by Prof. Dr. Dr. Orsolya Friedrich.


Prof. Dr. Dr. Orsolya Friedrich Photo: Volker Wiciok

Prof. Dr. Dr. Orsolya Friedrich

Head of Department

Email: medizinethik

Phone: +49 2331 987-4122

About Philosophy IV

Institute of Philosophy | 10.05.2024