Completed PhD Theses


Thesis Title


Andreas Grävinghoff On the realization of fine grained multithreading in software 2002
Tobias Eggendorfer Methods to Fight and Avoid SPAM 2007
Bernhard Fechner Dynamic Methods of Fault Detection and Removal for Reliable Microprocessors 2008
Henning Klein Fault tolerant and Secure Long Term Data Storage 2012
Roman Messmer A new Methodology in Network Reliability 2013
Osman Ugus Secure and Reliable Remote Programming in Wireless Sensor Networks 2013
Steffen Wendzel Novel Approaches for Network Covert Storage Channels 2013
Michael Hanspach Novel Attack Patterns and Protection Measures for Computing in High Security Enviroments 2015
Hans-Richard Kraft Computer Security for Control and Automation Systems 2016
Kai Simon Development, optimization and evaluation of vulnerability analyzes with publicly accessible search engines 2017
Patrick Eitschberger Energy-efficient and Fault-tolerant Scheduling for Manycores and Grids 2017
Gabriele Spenger Cryptographic Primitives in RFID Systems 2017
Daniel Spiekermann Network Forensics in Virtual Environments 2017
Adil Bouti Homomorphic Encryption and Cloud-Computing 2020
Martin Hellwig

Generation of Optimal Driving Strategies for Electric Vehicles