DiSeL: Distributed Security Laboratory

Project Status:
September 2020 to September 2023


Information security is an important field and popular among students. Next to theoretical knowledge, practical experience is needed. Since more than 10 years, FernUniversität offers a laboratory course in computer science programs. Currently, a central lab system with virtual machines is used to train tasks for network security administrators. In practice, administrators often work in groups distributed over multiple locations. The international collaboration with OUNL extends the lab course to enable virtual collaboration. Both universities provide complementing competencies. The result will allow to extend the focus from network security to system security, communication of virtual machines in virtual private networks , and group tasks with international student groups, thus enabling virtual exchange. The universities' lab support systems will be united to provide automatic feedback to students about the reasons why their attempted solutions fail, thus facilitating problem solution competencies.


Open Universiteit (NL), Dr. Harald Vranken


Prof. Dr. Jörg Keller