Online Mentoring

Project Status:
November 1, 2017 to September 30, 2019


Mentoring offers students an opportunity which is rare in distance studies: direct contact and interaction with fellow students and teaching personnel.

Students can motivate and support each other. To offer all students the option of participating in a mentoring session, we will create online sessions as a pilot, where students can login via Adobe Connect.

We envision online mentoring which does not primarily offer new study topics, but rather enables discussions about previous study topics.

The planned online mentoring is thus a blended learning approach to combine different elements into a didactically useful arrangement, where the strengths of different elements (such as social aspects of group learning or flexible use of time) can be used and synergy effects can be created. The interaction of different elements from distance (course text, online sessions) and in-person learning (study days, cooperative and collaborative group learning) offers a chance for the university to overcome the restrictions of single concepts and support the learning process and thus students’ academic success through new mixed-mode learning environments

Contact: Dr. Linda Jochheim, Carina Heßeling, Andreas Schaffhauser