The Law of the Latin American countries

The „Law of the Latin American countries“ Department studies this specific group of countries from a comparative law perspective:

“Latin America” is a collective term that designates the former colonies of Spain and Portugal on the American continent, as well as Spain and Portugal themselves. This regional definition is intended to make it clear that – apart from having a common language –, these countries continue to maintain close cultural, economic, and political ties down to the present day. This also holds true in the law given that, first, the law of the colonial powers continued to hold sway well after independence, and, second, an intense legal discourse takes place between these countries, ranging from joint conferences through to transnational legislative projects and agreements.

The Department is headed by Professor Dr. Karl August Prince of Sachsen Gessaphe. He was born in Mexico, and carries out research into the law of Mexico and of other Latin American countries. Through its Director, the Department is associated with the Deutsch-Mexikanische Juristenvereinigung e.V. (German-Mexican registered Association of Lawyers), as Prof. Dr. Karl August Prince of Sachsen Gessaphe is the Association’s President. The Department aims to step up research into the law of the Latin American countries. With this in mind, the Department hosts research conferences, supervises doctoral theses and issues invitations to guest researchers. It is intended for research findings to be integrated into teaching, in particular with regard to the institutionalized cooperation with the Spanish Open University, the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), in Madrid. The Department also aspires to work together with other universities and research institutions in Latin America in future.