The professorship for General Sociology and Sociological Theories is aligned on the researching, making available, further developing and developing anew sociological terms, hypotheses, methods and theories which sociology as a fundamental sociological science needs for the researching of sociality as its general subject. Accordingly the work of the professorship is related in the first place to the general fundamentals of the field, i.e. the scientists working in the professorship determine, clarify and develop basic terms and fundamental theoretical concepts of sociology. In this way instruments for the researching of interactions and organizations as well as of society as collectivity of sociality are made available. Forming part of this term-developing and theoretical work is the identifying of the fundamental questions of sociology, this being done by the evaluating of classic sociological texts - for example from Karl Marx, Émile Durkheim, Max Weber and Georg Simmel - in respect of establishing which sociological questions have already been posed and which of these can be taken up and formulated anew for the field of researching present-day society. It is not uncommon for this work to represent an important starting point for the systematic further development and new development of the scientific fundamentals of sociology, the science standing centre-stage in the research work of the professorship. Foundations for this work are represented not only by the classics of the field but also and above all by the multifarious approaches and stream of present-day sociology such as, for example, practice theory, system theory, post-colonial sociology and actor-network theory. These sociological paradigms are investigated under a comparative perspective in terms of their explanatory powers or, as the case may be, the plausibility of their theoretical concepts. With the comparison of theories carried out in the above manner it is primarily a matter of further developing existing sociological theories and forming new ones. This building of theories is necessary not least by reason of the fact that sociality as a general component of sociology is changing all the time so that the theories and methods of the field must be subjected time and time again to checking and further development.

An important task of the professorship General Sociology and Sociological Theories is that of passing on to the students of sociology the terms, theories and methods that have been identified and/or newly developed. The objective here is the imparting of fundamental insights into the modes of working of sociology and the practising of sociological thinking. Here amongst other things the classic sociological texts are examined in order in this way to permit a point of entry into the complex thinking of sociology. In addition the persons working in the professorship take part actively on current theoretical discussions on sociology in order then to prepare these for teaching purposes, in particular in the master courses in which the professorship participates.

Side by side with comprehensive teaching work, the scientists of the professorship carry out themselves research into themes relevant for society such as current change and development processes.

By reason of the omnipresence of sociality above all before the background of the numerous areas of stress, interweavings, dualisms and interactions, sociological findings are of relevance over and beyond the scientific field and accordingly of public interest. For this reason it is an objective of the persons working in the professorship to participate in important societal debates and if necessary to involve themselves therewith.

Sociology I | 13.03.2019