MuPSi - interactive creation and simulation of transition steps with the Multitouch Petrinet Simulator

Petri nets are very useful for modeling systems with concurrent behavior. There are many editors which support the creation of a Petri net and almost all editors offer the possibility of simulation, i.e. firing of transitions. Due to the limitation to posible user interaction using a conventional user interface having only one focus a concurrent firing of several transitions is not supported. In this paper a Petri net simulator (MuPSi) is presented, which supports the execution of transition steps, i.e. multisets of transitions, using a multitouch user interface. MuPSi enables concurrent execution of transitions in a single or multi-user environment. Simulation of transition steps helps to understand the concurrent behavior of a Petri net.


Latest release: Download Zip file

To start MuPSI the script matching your platform should be used.

To change the coloring mode at runtime press the key “c“.

In the folder „config“ you will find the the main configuration file mupsi.cfg. Changing its content will allow you to alter all visual parameters in MuPSI. This file also defines the main simulation parameters.


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