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Welcome to the travis tool.


Travis is an online-based tool and is developed with Java and the Google Web Toolkit. Using Travis you can synthesize and analyze elementary net systems and bounded place/transition nets with final states. A user can load event logs, specify transition systems with final states, synthesize elementary net systems and bounded place/transition nets with final states, and can calculate so-called neat places. A neat place is a place of a net, where one can locally see, if the net is in a final state or not.

Travis provides two editors: a transition system editor and a Petri net editor. In the Petri net editor a user also can play the tokengame. Additionally, travis provides a synthesis view, where a user can visualize the relations between regions of a transition system and places of the corresponding synthesized net.

For questions, please contact: benjamin.meis@fernuni-hagen.de


Travis is an online-based tool which can be executed in the browser. There is no download or installation needed.

Just click on START TRAVIS to start travis. A new browser tab will be opened and you can use travis. Feel free to use and test travis and to use the example files.

Example Files

Please feel free to use these example files to test travis (right click and save as ...).




Shortly, we will provide a documentation for travis.

Benjamin Meis | 11.12.2017
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