September 2019
Katrin Beer presents results at the 2nd German Doctoral Colloquium Bioenergy in Nuremberg
Katrin Beer at the bioeconomy summer school in Bonn
Bio-ecopoly project team presents results at the ECPR General Conference in Wroclaw (Poland)

August 2019
Thomas Vogelpohl presents results at the KOSMOS conference in Berlin

March 2019
Double panel at the conference "Governance of Big Transformations” in Munich

February 2019
2nd transdisciplinary workshop took place in Berlin

January 2019
Katrin Beer wins Sustainability Science Slam at the University of Magdeburg

December 2018
Working Paper 1 - Case Selection and Overview Analyzes published

September 2018
Talk on Bioenergy (Power and Heat) at the 1st German Doctoral Colloquium Bioenergy in Leipzig

July 2018
How are solutions to political problems socially constructed? - New book on German biofuels policy published

June 2018
Presentation of the bioeconomy monitoring at the 38th SunbeltConference in Utrecht (Netherlands)
Presentation of the project “Bio-Ecopoly” at the conference “Biomass to Power and Heat 2018” in Zittau

May 2018
Poster presentation of the project “Bio-Ecopoly” at the research exhibition FHW in Magdeburg

April 2018
Presentation of Bioenergy Policy at the conference „Second International Forest Policy Meeting" in Wageningen (Netherlands)

March 2018
Press release of the FernUniversität in Hagen: BMBF-project for political science research of the Bioeconomy (in German)

September 2017
Presentation of the project “Bio-Ecopoly” at the biogas congress in Bayreuth
Presentation of the project “Bio-Ecopoly” at the 2nd International Bioeconomy Congress in Stuttgart

July 2017
Presentation at the workshop “Energy Transition Revisited”

April 2017
Press release of the OvGU Magdeburg: German Bioeconomy Policy between Economy and Ecology (in German)

March 2017
Press release FernUniversität in Hagen: Start of the BMBF joint research project Bio-ÖKOPOLI (in German)

A joint project of the universities:

FernUniversität HagenUniversität Magdeburg

funded by:

Bundesministerium für Bildung und ForschungProjektträger Jülich

Bio-Ökopoli | 13.08.2021
Projekt „Politische Prozesse der Bioökonomie zwischen Ökonomie und Ökologie“ (Bio-Ökopoli)