Summer School - Bioethics in Context

The summer schools are to be held in cooperation with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the St. Clement of Ohridski University of Sofia, the University of Ljubljana, and the University of Crete. The intensive program ‘Summer School - Bioethics in Context’ will not only deal with the internal academic discourse, but also reflect on political decision-making processes concerning bioethics. The focus will be on pivotal questions in the ethics of medicine and in bioethics in general to determine in detail what central concepts such as autonomy, human dignity, life and will actually mean in practice. In three successive annual meetings topics will be set and discussed from multinational and interdisciplinary viewpoints. The variety of distinct disciplines active in the fields of bio- and medical ethics will be given just as much consideration as the cultural and juridical issues involved. The aim is the elaboration of a concept of ‘Integrative Bioethics’.

The first Summer School in 2012 focused on judicial, philosophical and political questions, addressing instruments that pragmatically replace the decisions of patients when an actual expression of their will is not (or no longer) possible. These instruments are principally the ‘living will’, the so-called ‘presumed will’ and the so-called ‘natural will'.

Representatives of the FernUniversitaet performed the following tasks: central coordination of the project; arrangement of the first Summer School in 2012 at the Berlin Study Centre of the FernUniversitaet; providing a programmatic concept for the topics ‘Individual Will and Ethical-Juridical Constructions of the Will’ and ‘Integrative Bioethics’; assignment of lecturers in philosophy, medical ethics, political sciences, and psychology; and establishing contacts with the German Bundestag and with the German Ethics Council.

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