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Tackling the economic and financial crisis has become a touchstone for the success of European integration. Significant imbalances, tensions and upheavals emerged under the conditions of the latest crisis that hit the states and regions of Europe in very different manners. This raises the question which methods and instruments of economic governance are suitable to successfully counteract such developments.
The interdisciplinary colloquium “European Governance in Crisis” focused on the question whether the EU should prefer a single model of governance or rather tailored responses. Researchers from various EU member states (some of whom were particularly affected by the crisis and the measures taken to settle it) address historical, economic and legal aspects of European governance during a crisis. Their contributions may help to understand historical processes of economic crisis management, disseminate knowledge of the measures operated by the European Union and its member states, consider possible alternatives to them and stimulate sensitivity to fundamental aspects of constitutional legitimacy of current policies and possible future options.

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Schiffauer, Peter (Hrsg.)
A Single Model of Governance or Tailored Responses?
Historical, Economic and Legal Aspects of European Governance in the Crisis
Erträge des Symposions des Dimitris-Tsatsos-Instituts für Europäische Verfassungswissenschaften an der FernUniversität in Hagen am 24. und 25. November 2016
1. Aufl. 2018, 190 S., 44,00€, ISBN 978-3-8305-3836-3

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