International Virtual Mobility Program

You’re enrolled in a cultural studies program at Dublin City University (DCU) Connected and interested in taking a class at FernUniversität in Hagen? Please find all relevant information and links for your virtual exchange here.

More information about Dublin City University (DCU) Connected and their offerings for students of FernUnversität in Hagen can be found under „Virtueller Auslandsaufenthalt“.

Modules available to DCU Connected students

FernUniversität in Hagen is opening up 6 modules of our Bachelor in Cultural Studies program to DCU Connected students (15 ECTS per module including exam, corresponding work load 450 hours). As part of our virtual exchange program, DCU Connected students are exempt from tuition fees.

The module P4 Cultural Philosophy is offered in English:

P4: Cultural Philosophy

The following 5 modules are offered in German. Please find more information at the corresponding websites.

G3: Geschichte und Anthropologie – Vormoderne Lebenswelten [History and Anthropology in Pre-modern Lifeworlds]

G5: Erfahrungsgeschichte und Erinnerungskultur [History, Experience, and the Culture of Memory]

L2: Kultur, Literatur und Medien [Culture, Literature and Media]

L3: Literarische Anthropologie [Literary Anthropology]

P5: Sozialphilosophie [Social Philosophy]

Requirements and Language Proficiency

If you are interested in studying one of the modules offered in German, we highly recommend excellent proficiency in German (C1 level). For the modules in the virtual exchange program, FernUniversität does not ask for an official certificate of your language skills.


Enrollment form

Please complete the form and send it to the FernUniversität’s registrar’s office. You will be notified about your enrollment.

Designated registration periods are 1 June to 31 July for the winter term and 1 December to 31 January for the summer term.


Modules G3, G5, L3 and P5 offers 3 exam formats: term paper, oral exam, or written exam, from which students can choose.

Module L2 offers 2 exam formats: term paper or oral exam from which students can choose.

Module P4 requires writing a term paper.

More information on registering for the exams can be found on the dedicated module webpages and here.

The structure of the module is designed for to be completed in one semester.

Note: If you do not pass the module examination, it is possible to repeat the examination two times in the following semesters (after consultation of the module counselor).

You are able to take your FernUniversität exam at your place of residence, for example, at the Goethe-Institute in Dublin. More information can be found here.

If you have completed your exam successfully, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences will send you a proof of completion. If you need an English summary of your exam results, the Faculty’s examination office gladly provides one upon request. Please contact.

Study material and student support

At FernUniversität in Hagen,your study material and content are available in a variety of forms. Commited to the blended learning concept, FernUniversität offers printed and online study material combined with digital media. Student supervision and support is available via our learning platform Moodle. Upon enrolling, you will automatically receive access to

  • FernUniversität’s virtual student environment
  • The examination platform
  • Our university library

Your contact persons are the counselors of the modules. You find their contact dates at the respective module webpages.

If you are interested in participating in the International Virtual Mobility Program at Fernuniversität in Hagen, please contact Ms. Orna Farell, program chair BA Humanities, Open Education Unit, NIDL, Dublin City University.

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