Narratives in Gamification: Considerations for Support of Digital Literacy of the Elderly
Carolin Gellner
Ilona Buchem
erschienen in:
20th European Conference on e-Learning

Many publications have been published on gamification in recent years, especially in the educational context. Research suggests that gamification can positively impact the learning experience and increase learner engagement. So far, gamification elements have been used or examined primarily to signal performance and progress. However, immersion oriented elements or mechanics, such as narratives and storytelling, have been examined in research studies less frequently. Previous studies on gamification neglected the group of senior learners, although gamified systems hold a motivating potential for all ages. Therefore, this publication presents considerations for a narrative as part of the gamification approach for senior learners in the ePA-Coach project. The project aims to develop an e-learning environment for the elderly to improve their digital literacy in the context of the German electronic health record (EHR). Based on the review of the current literature, this paper provides an overview of different definitions, types, frameworks, and application examples. On the basis of this overview, we derived an approach and requirements for designing narratives in the context of gamification. Furthermore, we outline considerations for designing a narrative for senior learners with focus on learning outcomes in the field of digital literacy related to the use of the electronic health record. This narrative includes the mission called Find & Fill the Golden Record in which senior learners visit different places in a virtual small town. We describe options for design of the narrative including the stations as part of the learner's journey. The narrative was developed based on the derived requirements for designing narratives, the reification generic template by Mader et al (2019), the brainstorming design-thinking method, and qualitative feedback from experts. The narrative approach described in this paper offers a first conceptual approach for the development of narratives for gamified digital learning applications for the elderly that other researchers and designers can use and extend. The paper ends with conclusions and next steps in the research and development of a narrative as part of the gamification approach in the ePA-Coach project and proposes recommendations for further research.

Lehrstuhl Winkler | 30.10.2022