Designing a virtual learning coach for support of digital literacy of senior learners in context of the electronic health record. Design considerations in the ePA-Coach project.
Carolin Gellner
Ilona Buchem
erschienen in:
13th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation
This paper presents design options for a pedagogical agent as a virtual learning coach as part of the e-learning system for digital literacy of senior learners in the project ePA-Coach based on the review of current literature for designing pedagogical agents. Building on past studies and available frameworks, the paper provides an overview of different types of agents, requirements for designing pedagogical agents with focus on the preferences of senior users, design options and technologies used for designing pedagogical agents. The paper also discusses the limitations of current research. Based on this overview, the paper outlines current considerations for the design of the pedagogical agent in the ePA-Coach project and design options for four different agents with focus on the visual style, the communication and social styles, and the pedagogical roles. Finally, the paper describes next steps in research and development of the virtual learning coach in the ePA-Coach project and proposes recommendations for further research.
Lehrstuhl Winkler | 30.10.2022