Modern Project Portfolio Management– Analyzing the Potential of Artificial Intelligence
Pappert, Laura
Kristina Kusanke
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PVM-Fachtagung „Nachhaltige IT-Projekte“ 2023, Hagen

Project portfolio selection has been the focus of many researchers over the past two dec-ades. Current developments, such as the coronavirus pandemic, ongoing energy crisis, and recession, limit human resources and investment budgets so that not all targeted projects can be implemented. In this paper, we complement the existing discourse on project portfolio management (PPM) in the face of artificial intelligence (AI) by conducting a group discussion within a company operating in the aviation industry regarding the potential, obstacles, and expectations of the future role of AI-enabled tools in their work practice. In addition, we derive a concept that can be used along the PPM process to guide the basic AI technological implementation.

Lehrstuhl Winkler | 25.08.2023