Energy, Environment & Sustainability

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Welcome to the website of the Energy, Environment & Sustainability Research Center.

The cluster consolidates the diverse research activities being carried out by all the faculties of the FernUniversität on these topics and addresses corresponding subject and thematic interfaces.

The interdisciplinary spectrum of these research perspectives ranges from the approaches used in business administration and economics to political science, social science and law, as well as certain technological (IT-related) components.

The research activities are carried out as individual research projects as well as interdisciplinary research subclusters.

Lecture Series: Energy, Environment & Sustainability

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The lecture series Energy, Environment & Sustainability offers interested parties from the worlds of science, business, politics, administration and civil society a fascinating glimpse of the Hagen region and a forum for communication on highly topical issues in the field of energy, environment and sustainability.

CURRENT PROGRAM (Site in German only)

About E/E/S


Information about the “Energy, Environment & Sustainability” research center and our cooperations.

Research Clusters

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More information about our scientific profile.

Externally Funded Projects

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A description of our externally funded projects in the field of energy, environment and sustainability.


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Contact information for the center’s management and office


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More information about the scientists involved in the research center.


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The E/E/S newsletter informs you about interesting lectures, research results, projects and offers at the FernUniversität in Hagen in the fields of energy, environment and sustainability.

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