Research Cluster: Climate Change, Financial Markets and Macroeconomics

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This cluster investigates the interdependencies between climate change, macroeconomic developments and financial markets. Its focus is on the macroeconomic challenges of climate change and the complementary roles of financial markets and technologies for sustainable economic development.

  • Integrating the EU ETS with energy and commodity markets
  • Modeling European CO2 emissions
  • Oil prices and exchange rates
  • Price determination and volatility on financial markets in the context of emission certificates and energy prices
  • Transition risk premiums in option prices
  • Legacy hypotheses in the field of finance
  • Sustainability flags for structured products

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  • Oil Prices and Exchange Rates (Elsevier)

Prof. Dr. Joscha Beckmann Photo: Photo: Volker Wiciok

Prof. Dr. Joscha Beckmann

Cluster Spokesperson

Email: joscha.beckmann

Phone: +49 2331 987-4845

E/E/S Research Center | 10.05.2024