Professor Wagner interviewed by South Korean Television

Professor Wagner had been invited as a third party expert to talk during the format “News Center” which is part of the television program “Arirang News” broadcasted by the Korean Television Channel “Arirang TV”. In a long interview broadcasted live, he gave his assessment of the potential consequences of the trade dispute between Japan and South Korea, which is currently attracting a lot of attention in Asia.

The origin of the dispute between the two countries are the compensation payments that a South Korean court had imposed on Japanese firms. Last week the conflict reached its peak when Japan tightened curbs on exports of several materials crucial for advanced consumer electronics. Additionally, Tokyo removed South Korea from the list of “white countries” — countries that Japan rates to have trustworthy export control systems. The South Korean President Moon Jae-in reacted with a statement in which he announced retaliations. Professor Wagner was asked as an international expert on East Asian economies to evaluate the danger of a trade-war and what kind of consequences could follow.

Arirang TV is a global, English-language TV Channel in Seoul, South Korea. Its program is destined for overseas countries (comparable to BBC World News) and is supported by the “Korea International Broadcasting Foundation” und financially supported by “Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea”. The program is broadcasted into 105 countries.

Daniel Stähr | 10.05.2024