About CESA

Center for Economic and Statistical Analysis (CESA)

The Center for Economic and Statistical Analysis (CESA) was launched by Professor Joscha Beckmann, Professor Robinson Kruse-Becher and Professor Hans-Jörg Schmerer in 2021 as a joint initiative for their economic research based on applied econometric methods. In January 2024, Professor Westphal and his team joined the Center.

Joscha Beckmann and Robinson Kruse-Becher are both experts in econometrics and statistical methods. Their focus is on macroeconometric and financial time series analysis. Hans-Jörg Schmerer is an expert for panel data applications and international trade. Matthias Westphal is an expert in applied causal inference and health economics.

The center has a large group of young researchers at the PhD and Post-Doc level working at the chairs of economic policy, macroeconomics, international economics and applied statistics.

We strengthen the economic research environment at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics at the University of Hagen and its international visibility. We particularly focus on the development opportunities of our young researchers. We tackle comprehensive methodological skills for applied economic studies in an international context.

Our goals are accomplished by running a regular research seminar with international speakers, organizing international workshops and conferences and providing summer and winter schools for the junior researchers by external lecturers. In addition, we run a regular brown bag seminar series and provide further activities for young researchers.

We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the European Union, the European Economics and Finance Society and our Faculty of Business Administration and Economics during the years 2021-2023.

CESA | 10.05.2024