CEAMES is a cooperation of researchers associated with the chairs of Macroeconomics and International Economics working together on various projects related to European and East Asian Economics.

Scientific board

CEAMeS was founded by Prof. Dr. Wagner from University of Hagen. Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Schmerer joined the project in 2015. Today the center is operated by both researchers as a joint research center at university of Hagen.

Prof. Dr. Joscha Beckmann Photo: Volker Wiciok

Prof. Dr. Joscha Beckmann

Research Focus:
Monetary Policy, Sentiment Analysis, Exchange Rates

Email: joscha.beckmann

Phone: +49 2331 987-4845


Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Schmerer Photo: Volker Wiciok

Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Schmerer

Email: hans-joerg.schmerer

Phone: +49 2331 987-4580


Prof. Dr. Helmut Wagner Photo: Hardy Welsch

Prof. Dr. Helmut Wagner

Email: helmut.wagner

Phone: +49 2331 987-2640

Fax: +49 2331 987-391


Dr. Jens Fittje Photo: Hardy Welsch

Dr. Jens Fittje

Research Focus:
Macroeconomics and Asian Economics

Email: jens.fittje


Dr. Linda Glawe Photo: Volker Wiciok

Dr. Linda Glawe

Research Focus:
Macroeconomics, Asian Economics and Development Economics

Email: linda.glawe


Ursula Müller Photo: Ursula Müller

Ursula Müller

Research Focus:
Development Economics


Dr. Michael Murach Photo: Hardy Welsch

Dr. Michael Murach

Research Focus:
Empirical Macroeconomics

Email: michael.murach


Benjamin Schwanebeck Photo: Hardy Welsch

Benjamin Schwanebeck

Research Focus:
Macroeconomics and DSGE modelling

Email: benjamin.schwanebeck

Klaus Wulf-Andresen Photo: Klaus Wulf-Andresen

Klaus Wulf-Andresen

Research Focus:
International Trade and Regional Economics

Email: klaus.wulf-andresen


Nadine Kordt Photo: Hardy Welsch

Nadine Kordt

Email: lehrstuhl.schmerer


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