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The Center for Economic and Statistical Analysis (CESA) was launched by Professor Joscha Beckmann, Professor Robinson Kruse-Becher and Professor Hans-Jörg Schmerer in 2021 as a joint initiative for their economic research based on applied econometric methods.

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Recent activities

Interview on BBC News about recent inflation dynamics

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Joscha Beckmann (CESA) was interviewed by BBC News last week and commented on the latest inflation developments in Germany and the state of the German economy. According to his assessment, a slowdown in inflation dynamics could lead to a temporary end to interest rate increases by the European Central Bank. This could even provide scope for interest rate cuts in the medium term.

Workshop on expectations and sentiments for energy price dynamics in Berlin, October 9-10, 2023

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The two-day workshop on the relevance of expectations and sentiments for energy price dynamics at the FernUniversität in Hagen campus in Berlin was a great success! The organizers Joscha Beckmann and Robinson Kruse-Becher (both CESA) as well as Robert Czudaj (TU Freiberg) are gratefully acknowledge funding from the European Commission via the Jean Monnet Programme. We had a great time with many inspiring presentations and thoughtful discussions! Thanks a lot to all participants for their contributions. We are looking forward to the dedicated special issue in Energy Economics.


Recent research projects

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