Research Fellows

Current research fellows of CEAMES:

Prof. Dr. Karen Jackson from Westminster University

Karen Jackson is a reader in economics and college director of international development. She published several papers in highly ranked journals of economics with focus on China, including Journal of International Money and Finance and China Economic Review. She organizes a yearly workshop on international economics together with some members of the center.

Prof. Dr. Kamhon Kan from Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Professor Kan, a distinguished researcher from Academia Sinica in Taiwan, is frequently visiting our center. He is part of an ongoing collaborative research project with several members of our center.

Kamhon Kan is renowned for his work in health and labor economics. He has published extensively in top-tier scientific journals.

Prof. Dr. Yuan Li from Shandong University

Professor Li worked together with several members of CEAMES on projects related to international trade and the Chinese Economy. One of his particular focus is the impact of the Belt and Road Initiative on China and Europe. His research appered in numerous top-tier journals in economics.

Prof. Dr. Eiji Ogawa from Keizai University in Tokyo

Prof. Dr. Eiji Ogawa was a professor of international finance at Keizai University in Tokyo. He visited our center several times and contributed to several activities organized in the past. His major field is international finance which includes recent problems related with Asian currencies and the euro. He was a visiting scholar of the Department of Economics of Harvard University (September 1986 – March 1988), the Department of Economics of University of California at Berkeley (April 1992 – March1993), and Research Department of the International Monetary Fund (September 2000).

Prof. Dr. Theodore Panagiotidis from University of Macedonia

Theodore Panagiotidis visited our center in 2022. He published several papers on European Integration in top-tier journals of international finance. Át university of Macedonia he is chaired professor for Economics with focus on time series analysis and international macroeconomics.

Prof. Dr. Michel Rubaszek from Warsaw University

Professor Rubaszek is a distinguised professor from university of Warsaw. He is part of an ongoing collaborative research project with several members of our center. His research is mainly focusing on applied time series analysis in national and international macroecoomics. Another focus of his research is environmental economics.

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