Workshops for Young Researchers

The following lectures provide advanced lectures in topics related to our research agenda.

Summer 2024

CESA Workshop for Young Researchers

The first CESA Workshop for Young Researchers takes place on our campus in Hagen.
In total, we have scheduled six presentations with accompanying discussions by our local CESA young researchers.

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Summer 2023

Jean Monnet Summerschool: Modelling of Sentiment Indicators

Joscha Beckmann, FernUniversität Hagen and Kiel Institute for the World Economy
Rainer Schüssler, Universität Rostock
Kamil Yimaz, Koc University
September 25-29, 2023

Winter 2022/2023

Lectures on causal estimation and inference with microeconomic applications

Kamhon Kan
Academia Sinica
October 24-27, 2022

Summer 2022

Summer School on VAR models

Michał Rubaszek
SGH Warsaw School of Economics
August 29 - 31, 2022

Summer School on International Finance

Stefan Reitz, University of Kiel (Link)
July 18 - 22, 2022

Virtual PhD-Course on Trade and Labor Market Outcomes

Hans-Jörg Schmerer (FernUniversität Hagen)
Elhanan Helpman (Harvard University)
Link to Course Page

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