Center for Economic and Statistical Analysis

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Research conducted in this center lays the basis for our area studies on East Asia and Europe. The center was launched by Professor Joscha Beckmann, Professor Robinson Kruse-Becher and Professor Hans-Jörg Schmerer in 2021 as a joint platform for their cooperations in studies on applied econometrics.


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    Brown Bag Seminar

    On May 10 (1200 hrs), we start our Brown Bag Seminar series for young researchers.


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    EEFS Conference in Berlin

    From June 15 to 18, the 21st European Economics and Finance Society Conference takes place in Berlin (FernUni Campus).


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    Empirical Economics Seminar

    On July 4, we are happy to host David Luogo Palacios from London School of Hygenie and Tropical Medicine.


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    Empirical Economics Seminar

    On July 14, we are happy to host Martin Salm from Tilburg University.


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    Recent publications

    CESA members Members have recently published the following research articles in 2023.


Recent research projects of the center

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