Research Papers

You will find a selection of our most recent working papers in this section

Joscha Beckmann, Marco Kerkemeier and Robinson Kruse-Becher

Regime-specific exchange rate predictability

Joscha Beckmann (co-authored with Michał Rubaszek, Michele Ca’Zorzi and Marek Kwas)

Boosting carry with equilibrium exchange rate estimates, ECB Working Paper 2022/2731

Robinson Kruse-Becher (co-authored with Matei Demetrescu)

Is U.S. real output growth really non-normal? Testing distributional assumptions in time-varying location-scale models

Hans-Jörg Schmerer and Benjamin Schwanebeck (co-authored with Andreas Hauptmann)

Plant-level responses to the China shock at different employment margins

CESA | 10.05.2024