Does the IS Artifact Matter in Sociomateriality Research? A Literature Review of Empirical Studies
Weißenfels, Silke
Ebner, Katharina
Dittes, Sven
Smolnik, Stefan
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Proceedings of the 49th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-49), 5-8 Januar, Kauai, Hawaii, 2016, 10 Seiten, online. {Link}

A fundamental objective of IS research is the investigation of the dynamic interplay between the social and the material. As a consequence, the concept of sociomateriality has evolved to depict the interaction of the social and material in different environments, such as organizations. Although various definitions have emerged, sociomateriality remains a buzzword; however, its application in real world settings often remains unclear. Our study’s objective is to assess the IS artifact in sociomaterial research and to clarify the intertwining of the social and material agencies. On the basis of the conceptualization of the IS artifact and the dominances of the agencies, we suggest a framework to systematically evaluate the artifact’s role in sociomaterial research settings, and derive opportunities and potentials for future research on sociomateriality. Our approach will be helpful to focus greater attention on the dynamic interplay and the role of the IS artifact in sociomaterial inquiries.

Lehrstuhl Smolnik | 13.08.2021