Towards combining formal and informal learning paths to enhance competence development success
Sorgenfrei, Christian
Smolnik, Stefan
Beiträge in referierten Konferenzbänden
erschienen in:
Lehner, Franz; Amende, Nadine; Fteimi, Nora (Eds.): Proceedings of the 7th Conference on Professional Knowledge Management: Progress Requires Exchange of Knowledge, GITO, Berlin, Germany, 2013, S. 24-39.

The paper aims at combining formal and informal learning paths in a workplace setting from a competence-based perspective. Competence development refers to organizational processes to increase the proficiency levels of employees and hence is a constitutive part of knowledge management. We therefore propose a competence development framework that aligns formal training strategies to informal workplace learning and that allows evaluating competence development success. Based on our framework, we propose different competence assessment methods in order to determine individual’s competence profile and learning progress. Furthermore, we suggest a guideline for organizations in order to combine different learning forms and to enhance employee’s competence development success.

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