Adaptation of the business model approach for public enterprises
Bockshecker, Alina
Hackstein, Sarah
Baumöl, Ulrike
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Twenty-fifth Americas Conference on Information Systems, 15.-17. August, Cancún, 2019, 10 Seiten. {Link}

Several innovative technological and social developments are shaping the business models (BMs) of companies nowadays. Having knowledge of the own BM is not only relevant for private companies, but also gains importance for enterprises in the public sector, so called public enterprises, as they face increasing competition. While existing BM approaches target private companies and work well for them, a specific BM approach for public enterprises (PEs) is still not available. In this paper, we adapt a BM approach, which aims to take into account the characteristics of PEs. Three example cases provide first demonstration of the applicability of our approach.

Lehrstuhl Smolnik | 10.05.2024