Assisted Sustainability – A Practical IS Approach to Promote Corporate Sustainability
Schrade-Grytsenko, Lisa
Kappler, Karolin
Smolnik, Stefan
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Twenty-seventh Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) 2022, 10-14 August, Minneapolis, USA, 2022. {Link}

Sustainability is no longer a new trend, but an increasingly important necessity. Information Systems (IS) research is also addressing the topic more often, although, for example, company practices lack applicable solutions. At the same time, the demand for corporate sustainability and opportunities to apply digital enterprise solutions is growing. This situation creates an enormous potential to profitably couple the demand with the opportunities. In our paper, we discuss the potential that personal virtual assistants (PVAs) have to create corporate sustainability effects. Using a triangulated methodological approach, critical gaps are identified by means of a systematic literature review. Based on this, qualitative group discussions and interviews are used to analyze other influencing factors and correlations in an empirical study. It subsequently becomes clear that sustainability is subordinate to the cost-benefit trade-off, which most companies regard as being the most critical. Consequently, we present a practice-oriented bridging framework to overcome this drawback.

Lehrstuhl Smolnik | 10.05.2024