Cycle-Sensitive Knowledge Work? A NeuroIS Study Proposal for Improving Female Workers’ Task Management
Bockshecker, Alina
Nissen, Anika
Smolnik, Stefan
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Proceedings of the Information Systems and Neuroscience: NeuroIS Retreat, 9-12 June, Vienna, Austria, 2024 (forthcoming).

Hormone fluctuations due to the menstrual cycle can significantly impact women’s physical and cognitive performance. While athletes already incorporate this in training plans to optimize training outcomes, it is still neglected in knowledge work. To address this gap, we review existing literature on hormone fluctuations and their impact on cognitive performance to design a cycle-sensitive task manager for knowledge workers (this paper). The proposed follow-up design science study should incorporate both the physiological menstrual cycle data as well as tagging tasks based on their required cognitive performance (future paper). The resulting app can then arrange the upcoming tasks in accordance with the cognitive performance strengths of the respective menstrual phase. This will enhance awareness among female employees while allowing an increase in task performance through cycle-sensitive work task management.

Lehrstuhl Smolnik | 10.05.2024