Eleven Years of the Knowledge Management Track at HICSS: An Overview
Dittes, Sven
Smolnik, Stefan
Jennex, Murray E.
Croasdell, David T.
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erschienen in:
The International Journal of Knowledge Management, Invited Paper, Band 12, Ausgabe 4, 2016, S. 51-61. {Link}

This paper presents an overview and history of the knowledge management (KM) research community at the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS). This community began as a mini-track in HICSS-27 and has since evolved into full track status with the name Knowledge, Innovation, and Entrepreneurial Systems for HICSS-50. The purpose of this paper is to acquaint KM researchers with a rich history of high quality KM research that has evolved through a series of name changes.

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