Evolutionary change of higher education driven by digitalization
Baumöl, Ulrike
Bockshecker, Alina
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16th International Conference on Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training (ITHET), 10.-12. Juni, Ohrid, Republik Mazedonien, 2017, 5 Seiten. {Link}

Changes in higher education are not only technology-driven but even more by societal changes. As generation Y and Z enter the universities, other requirements have to be met, because their learning expectations differ from requirements of former generations. Many scientists highlight the effectivity of new teaching methods especially for higher education. The question is if positive effects are noticeable for the students and the lecturer when a course is restructured. The following article investigates the triggers and requirements and also shows possible structural elements for redesigning a course. The obtained positive effects could be an encouragement for other professors and lecturers to rethink their traditional course structures to increase the motivation of students.

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