Free Ride in Rush-hour Traffic – Designing Gamified Smart Mobility Systems for Sustainable Use
Anschütz, Christian
Ebner, Katharina
Smolnik, Stefan
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Proceedings of the 43rd International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2022), 9-14 December, Copenhagen, DK, 2022. {Link}

A large proportion of traffic congestion can be attributed to daily commute. While smart mobility systems (SMSs) intend to address the resulting challenges by actively changing users’ behavior, many SMSs suffer from users’ meaningful engagement. Research and practice have started examining engagement factors in order to increase meaningful engagement with SMSs. The question of how traffic participants can be continuously involved with SMSs to sustainably change their behavior has not been answered satisfactorily yet. In our paper, we identify relevant gamification elements suitable to improve meaningful engagement based on a literature study and market analysis. We used a design science approach to derive design requirements. Building on these, we assume comprehensive design principles and used them to derive initial design features. With these, we started a first feature configuration and a prototypical app implementation towards designing a sustainable SMS.

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