Toward the Workplace of the Future: How Organizations can Facilitate Digital Work
Dittes, Sven
Richter, Shahper
Richter, Alexander
Smolnik, Stefan
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erschienen in:
Business Horizons, Band 62, Ausgabe 5, September–Oktober 2019, S. 649-661. {Link}

The workplace of the future focuses on how and what work is done, not where and when it is done. Thus, organizations increasingly provide new and innovative information technology (IT) to create the workplace of the future by effectively facilitating digital work. However, digital work means more than just using new, innovative IT. Along with increasing flexibility, employees also crave balance and structure when, for instance, it comes to the blurred boundaries between private and business life. Our article investigates how three organizations from diverse domains establish digital work. Based on our empirical results, we identify four major management challenges that organizations need to overcome in order to introduce digital work environments effectively. Further, we identify lessons learned and derive eight recommendations for organizations to facilitate digital work.

Keywords: Digital work; Workplace of the future; Dissemination channels and activities; Case studies; Lessons learned; Virtual teams

Lehrstuhl Smolnik | 13.08.2021