Covid-19 as an Incubator Leading to Telemedicine Usage: KM Success Factors in Healthcare
Neft, Florian
Kappler, Karolin
Smolnik, Stefan
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Proceedings of the 56th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-56), 3-6 January, Maui, Hawaii, 2023, 10 Seiten. {Link}

Virtual hospitals offer a platform for healthcare workers to share knowledge, treat patients equally everywhere and, thus, reduce patient mortality rates. Such platforms include different technologies, for example telemedical applications. The use of these technologies and the need to get specific knowledge on the patients’ treatment was reinforced in the past years due by Covid-19. Not only the treatment of Covid-19, but also that of other diseases can be improved by increased technology use. By incorporating the KM success model, we will identify KM success factors leading to the use of virtual hospitals. This research observes the KM success model in the context of the low-digitalized field of healthcare. Consequently, we evaluate how the existing KM success model needs to be adjusted according to the peculiarities of healthcare.

Lehrstuhl Smolnik | 26.01.2023