Towards a Psychophysiological Investigation of Perceived Trustworthiness and Risk in Online Pharmacies: Results of a Pre-study
Nissen, Anika
Ersöz, Semra
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Proceedings of the Information Systems and Neuroscience: NeuroIS Retreat, 1-3 Juni, Vienna, Austria, 2021, S. 9-19. {Link}

Perceived trustworthiness and risk are crucial impact factors for a website's success. While they have been frequently applied to diverse ecommerce contexts, an investigation of these constructs for the special case of online pharmacies is still scarce. In an attempt to measure these constructs in a neural experiment, this paper offers a pre-study with the aim to gain first insights and select appropriate stimuli for the upcoming study. Therefore, five operating online pharmacies are tested in an online survey with 121 participants which rated scales of perceived trustworthiness, perceived risk, attitude towards the website, and use intention for each of the included pharmacies. Results show that online pharmacies with high reputation are rated higher in the included constructs. Consequently, reputation, perceived risk, and trustworthiness are crucial impact factors on attitude and use intention. Thus, two promising online pharmacies could be selected for the follow-up study

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