Utilizing mobile fNIRS to investigate neural correlates of the TAM in eCommerce
Nissen, Anika
Krampe, Caspar
Kenning, Peter
Schütte, Reinhard
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erschienen in:
Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2019), 15-18 December, Munich, Germany, 2019. {Link}

The investigation of user behavior in IS contexts is often conducted by utilizing self-report measurements. To complement these measurements, neuroscientific methods have indicated their potential for IS research. Most pioneering research work utilized fMRI as neuroimaging method, which is associated with a decreased ecological validity. To investigate whether mobile fNIRS – an innovative, portable and lightweight neuroimaging method – can overcome the limited ecological validity of fMRI, reproducing existing neuroscientific research results, this study aims to explore whether mobile fNIRS could be used as a valid neuroimaging method for IS research, or more precisely for ecommerce research. Preliminary research findings revealed that fNIRS is capable of partly reproducing pioneering research results. Consequently, fNIRS is found to be a reliable and valid neuroimaging method to increase the ecological validity in IS research in certain situations and circumstances, providing a fruitful new avenue to investigate IS research relevant scenarios.

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