The Use of Women Mentoring Programs to Reduce the Gender Gap in IT Professions –A Literature Review and Critical Reflection
Lisa T. Aufschläger
Kristina Kusanke
Anne-Katrin Witte
Jennifer Kendziorra
Till Winkler
erschienen in:
Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) 2023

Technical professions and industries remain heavily male-dominated. To counteract this imbalance, measures are being taken, including mentoring programs for women. In this study, a literature review is conducted to answer the research question of how women's mentoring programs need to be designed in order to contribute to the reduction of the gender gap. The results of 13 empirical studies from 2013 to 2022 are analyzed and 21 factors influencing the design of women's mentoring programs are identified and grouped under three headings (relationship aspects, content-related aspects, and organizational aspects). On this basis, an exemplary women's mentoring program is discussed, the core of which consists of a hybrid e-mentoring program. While mentoring programs are considered helpful at the individual level, closing the gender gap at the structural level definitely needs more focus from both research and practice.

Lehrstuhl Winkler | 10.05.2024