Building Digital Leadership in the Public Sector – A Literature Review
Kristina Kusanke
Jennifer Kendziorra
Teresa Christmann-Schwaab
Sonja Pilgenröder
Till Winkler
erschienen in:
European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2023

While digital leadership competencies have been recognized as key to succeed with digital transformation, there is a lack of a common understanding about what constitutes such competencies specifically in the public sector—a sector that faces particular challenges with digitally transforming. This structured literature review adds to the existing body of knowledge on digital leadership by synthesizing what is known about the required competencies of digital leaders in the public sector. Based on 25 relevant publications from different databases and disciplines, we identified 44 sub-competencies classified into seven categories of key competencies. In addition, several measures for digital leadership skill development and recruitment could be identified that help building these competencies. While researchers can use our findings to advance knowledge in this research area, practicioners in the public sector can apply our framework to assess their leadership competencies for the digital transformation.

Lehrstuhl Winkler | 27.10.2023