The Link between IT Workers Individual Ambidexterity and Work Exhaustion – Preliminary Insights into the Explanatory Power of Person-Job Fit
Kristina Kusanke
Till Winkler
erschienen in:
SIGMIS Computer and People Research Conference (CPR) 2023, Pomona, CA, USA

Companies that fail to be efficient and innovative today will be irrelevant tomorrow. Ambidexterity (i.e., simultaneously conducting two contradicting activities, such as exploitation and exploration) helps organizations overcome this challenge. This study is part of a larger research effort to explore the consequences of and interventions for ambidexterity on the individual level. We aim to contribute to the current knowledge base by offering initial insight and a starting point for further research on work exhaustion as a potential outcome of individual ambidexterity. The survey results on 549 information technology workers indicate a significant direct effect of individual ambidexterity on work exhaustion, and the data further suggest that person-job fit moderates the relationship under investigation. Toward the end of this research-in-progress paper, we outline potential future avenues for enriching and refining the proposed relationship.

Lehrstuhl Winkler | 27.10.2023