Network Forum

One of our main objectives is providing forums for frequent exchange of thoughts. Besides of face-to-face meetings, we offer a sheltered discussion forum for all network members of IGAS. The platform is open for everybody but registration is required to get access to the contents.

Main page with registration for the IGAS Moodle-Forum

to the Open IGAS Moodle Platform

You will find the registration form (picture in the upper panel) on the main page. Use your regular email account for registration and send a message to Daniel Stähr (E-mail: daniel.staehr) after registering your account at this platform. We will enrole you into the forum as fast as possible. This double-registration procedure is for our all security.

We will distribute relevant news on this page. Please send us your latest research and publications if you would like to share your work with other members of the network.

You may also provide video presentations introducing your most recent research to other network memebers or links to videos for your latest presentations.

Moreover, we provide a discussion forum, where you can post your own questions and answers to questions raised by other network members.

You will be notified automatically about all activities in the forum. This automatic notification can be offset in the preference menu where you can choose alternative notification settings: