English Learning Support

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We currently offer three courses in Advanced Academic English:

A further course is in the pipeline:

All of the above are self-paced courses that take around 150 hours to work through. Through video lectures, interviews, readings, exercises and quizzes, students get to build their vocabulary skills. An online exam is offered periodically for those who would like to earn a bespoke certificate. As these courses do not cover grammar, per se, participants need to have attained at least B2 on the CEFR scale in order to gain the most from the courses.

We also offer a course in Intercultural Communication. It takes around 150 hours to work through the material, and students who successfully complete the quizzes can download an autogenerated certificate.

Finally, we hold an English language lecture series featuring both local and international guest speakers. Students are invited to join our Zoom-based meetings. There is no registration necessary.

For information on our current and upcoming services, please visit the English Learning Support website: https://els.fernuni-hagen.de/

Dr Prue Goredema Photo: Hardy Welsch

Dr Prue Goredema

Project Manager: English Learning Support

Email: prue.goredema

Phone: +49 2331 987-1231

Center for Learning and Innovation
FernUniversität in Hagen
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