Service for Research Career Development

The Service for Research Career Development is operating remotely!

Please note that from Monday, March 16th through preliminarily April 19th, services on campus are severely limited

The Service for Research Career Development is doing its part to delay the outbreak of COVID-19 in North Rhine-Westphalia and to avoid overburdening the health infrastructure by following experts' recommendations to practice social distancing (you can find more information in this article, for example).

However, we will continue to provide advising and information remotely and in digital form, and we can be reached via email both via our central account as well as our personal accounts.

Please note that in-person events, particularly the English Club and peer advising groups, are cancelled through April 19th. In the interim, we are offering forms of digital networking, including a peer advising Slack channel. For more information on how to connect, please contact us.

More details about our remote and digital services, as well as further updates, can be found on our German-language news site.

Information – Advising– Networking

With the Service for Research Career Development, the FernUniversität in Hagen provides researchers in the early stages of their careers with a central location for information and assistance. We are the first point of contact for current or prospective doctoral candidates and postdocs with questions about general orientation, the qualification process and research funding, and when necessary can direct you to other contact points. We also supply information about academic careers and the qualification process at the FernUniversität.

The many services and programs for researchers in the early stages of their careers intersect at the Service for Research Career Development, which also serves the faculties as a central point of contact and coordination for overarching questions about support for early career scholars.


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The FernUniversität’s Service for Research Career Development provides an extensive selection of information for scholars in the early stages of their careers as well as a variety of informational events. On our German-language website, you can find our semester program, register for our newsletter to stay informed of the latest events and announcements, and find information about the qualification process, funding, careers, and gaining international experience.


The Service for Research Career Development offers an extensive portfolio of advising services, which includes:

  • We assist new doctoral candidates and academic staff with questions such as: How do I approach this new career phase? What important contact points are there at the FernUniversität? What opportunities are there for networking?

  • During your qualification process, we can help with questions like: How do I handle crises and get through dry spells? How do I handle readjustments? How can I better combine my family or care obligations with my academic career?

  • We assist with questions such as: What are my career options after my doctorate? What steps should I take to orient myself in the right direction?

  • We offer specially-tailored advising for women in the early phases of their research careers about the gender-specific challenges of academia.

  • We can help you learn about opportunities for funding, stays abroad and professional development opportunities.

  • In addition to one-on-one advising, we offer you the option of joining a peer advising group, in which you and your peers support one another with the day-to-day challenges of your career and develop solutions together.

To set up an appointment for personal advising, or to join a peer advising group, simply contact us via email: swn


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Networking is an important component of creating a successful academic career or a successful exit from academia. The Service for Research Career Development provides a variety of networking opportunities, including:

Subject-Specific Advising

The Service for Research Career Development offers general advising and assistance. For questions specific to your faculty or subject area, especially about initiating and carrying out your doctoral or postdoctoral qualifications, please contact the relevant faculty. You can find each faculty’s information at the links below: