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Our Open Access Studies program (known as the “Akademiestudium” in German) is similar to auditing a course at a traditional on-campus university. It is open to anyone who is interested, regardless of age or prior qualifications.

How does the Open Access Studies program work?

As an Open Access student, you can flexibly register for individual courses or modules from the FernUniversität’s degree programs. You have the option of concluding your participation in certain modules by taking an exam or writing a paper (see the information from each faculty below).

Exceptions: Seminars and internships are excluded from the Open Access Studies program, as are modules from our psychology degree programs.

Please note that most courses and modules at the FernUniversität are taught in German.

Entry requirements

Since Open Access students are not enrolled in a degree program, there are no entry requirements for registration.

Many ways to use the Open Access program

Continuing education

Use the Open Access Studies program to pursue further education for your own personal or professional development. By selecting individual courses and modules from those offered at the FernUniversität, you can target your specific interests and educational goals.

Try out a study program

You can test whether a distance learning program is the right fit for you by registering for selected modules from the bachelor’s programs in the relevant faculty and taking the corresponding exams.

Prepare for a master's program

Are you still missing a few required modules for admission to your master’s program? You can take many courses and modules through the Open Access Studies program and complete exams for credit.

Master's programs

Secondary school students

If you are still in school, you can get a first taste of university-level study at the FernUniversität, or sample different subjects to help you choose a degree program. Gifted secondary students can even get an early start on a bachelor’s degree.

Information for secondary school students (German)


The Open Access Studies program has only moderate fees of 20 euro per credit hour. A complete module, which runs for an entire semester, costs between 120 and 160 euro depending on the faculty:

  • Mathematics and Computer Science, Law, and Business Administration and Economics: 120 euro per module
  • Humanities and Social Sciences: 160 euro per module

Note: You currently cannot register for courses and modules in psychology in the context of the Open Access Studies Program.

More Information

  • If you are an Open Access student who fulfills the requirements to enroll in a degree program, please contact the relevant examination office for more information about recognition of credits from your Open Access studies.

  • If you plan to apply for admission to a degree program and have already made the maximum number of exam attempts while registered as an Open Access student, we strongly recommend contacting the relevant examination office in advance to clarify whether it is still possible to complete your degree.

  • Are you already enrolled in a degree program at the FernUniversität in Hagen, but interested in classes from other degree programs? As part of your regular studies, you may also register for courses and modules outside of your discipline.

    Please note that the courses of Faculty of Psychology generally are not open to students from other degree programs.

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