Research at the FernUniversität in Hagen

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A cornerstone of the FernUniversität’s institutional identity is the research of its scholars. Research at the FernUniversität covers a wide range of topics and forms, ranging from theoretical to applied research projects, and is embedded in the traditions of the respective fields. At the same time, researchers at the FernUniversität collaborate across subject areas in a variety of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary projects.

Research Clusters

The cooperative and interdisciplinary nature of research at the FernUniversität is illustrated by its interdisciplinary research clusters as well as its cross-faculty institutes and research groups.

Research clusters

Research in the Faculties

You can find information about the five faculties and the cross-faculty research institutes at the FernUniversität, as well as overviews of the wide variety of research activities and results in the faculties, institutes, and chairs here.

Research in the Faculties

More Information

You can find the latest news about research at the FernUniversität, guidelines for good academic practice, and information about upcoming academic events on our German-language website.

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Our common goal is to further sharpen the research profile of FernUniversität. To this end, we provide comprehensive support for researchers at all career levels in their research activities.

Vice-President for Research and Digitization Prof. Dr. Stefan Smolnik

Support and Services for FernUniversität Researchers

  • The FernUniversität's central administration offers a comprehensive service to assist with planning, applying for, and carrying out externally-funded research projects.

    Service for External Research Funding

  • With the Service for Research Career Development, the FernUniversität in Hagen offers researchers in the early stages of their careers a central point of contact for questions relating to the qualification process.

    Service for Research Career Development

  • The FernUniversität supports research activities at all academic career levels with the funding measures of the Internal Research Funding 2021-2023.

    Internal Research Funding Program