New Publication „Business Valuation. Functions – Methods – Principles“


Comprehensive, competent, and up to date, the new textbook „Business Valuation. Functions – Methods – Principles“ dealing with the fundamentals of functional business valuation presents the prevailing doctrine in the theoretically well-founded German-language literature. The book critically assesses the suitability of all important valuation methods and assigns them to the relevant function of business valuation. Breaking down business valuation into three stages is a major step toward improving the transparency of the process. The steps introduced in this book are

1. Determination of relevant data acquisition,

2. Transformation of relevant data in a value,

3. Use of the determined value.

A key aspect of this textbook is its analysis of the valuation process from the perspective of both buyer and seller. Ultimately, the book will present readers with the key principles of functional business valuation, which if it had been applied more widely, the authors argue, could have mitigated the severity of at least some recent financial crises.

The book offers students, researchers, and practitioners interested in or involved in valuation clearly formulated learning goals and selected control questions. The systematic concept outlined also makes the book very well suited for self-study.

Prof. Dr. Manfred Jürgen Matschke is one of the original exponents of the functional business valuation theory presented in this book that has grown incrementally in popularity in Germany over the last 50 years.

Prof. Dr. Gerrit Brösel, a former student of Matschke, is a successful author of textbooks. He has worked for one of the Big Four international auditing firms and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce as a publicly appointed expert on business valuation.

The book is published here.

Deutsch Business ValuationFoto: Brösel